The entrepreneur

The entrepreneur


@Regrann from @hustlegrindco – What goes on in the mind of an entrepreneur? Here’s @TheCoolestCool’s take on it:

A Vision – This is how they see their role in society or how they see the future of the world. It’s what they use to guide their decisions day in and day out. Sometimes that vision is for freedom or a social cause, sometimes that vision is to create a legacy or make a bunch of money. While the vision may differ from one entrepreneur to the next – it’s always in sight.

Passion – Entrepreneurs have a passion for their goals. It’s not always a passion for their projects but instead, the results that their projects can deliver. The combination of passion and a vision keeps you moving in the right direction.
Effective – The best entrepreneurs optimize their lives for being effective. The best hustlers I know value smart work. Whether it’s hiring a virtual assistant to manage their calendar or using tools to optimize their time – the best entrepreneurs optimize their lives for effectiveness.

Relentless – Persistence leads to success. The best entrepreneurs are relentless when it comes to achieving their goals. The most successful people in history are those who are able to bounce back from failure and keep moving forward.

Hard Worker – I don’t know anyone who has become successful without working hard. The best entrepreneurs put in the time to own their craft and stand out from the competition.

Fear – A great entrepreneur takes personal responsibility for failure more often than they will take responsibility for success. A hustler puts in the blood, sweat and tears with one intent – success. So when they fail, they hate it but learn from it.
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